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About New Ju Feng

  Since its establishment in 1998, Ju Feng Enterprise has been part of the professional information technology market, with computer accessories as its main products and renting, repairing and maintenance as its main services. After more than ten years of operation, the enterprise was reborn as New Ju Feng International Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013, and continuing to offer the same services while also launching a new product, the drug bag printer. These multi-color printers belong to the OKI brand in Japan, the second-biggest printer brand in terms of market shares in the world, and are used by Chi Mei Medical Center and National Cheng Kung University Hospital for printing single-sheet drug bags.
  New Ju Feng will continue to make innovations and developments, debuting apps for a better user experience, so that the general public may receive better medical services and enjoy a better quality of life. Combining smart drug bags with mobile apps, New Ju Feng aims to produce apps that are helpful in people′s daily lives and which can also aid medical personnel in understanding their patients conditions.

Company Experience


Established Ju Feng Enterprise.

A.D. 1998

Distributed OKI Printing Solutions brand from Japan to store printers and equipment.

A.D. 2000

Developed single-sheet single-color drug bag printing.

A.D. 2006

Developed single-sheet full-color drug bag printing.

A.D. 2008

Established New Ju Feng International Technology Co., Ltd. with Counseling at the office of research and development in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Developed single-sheet full-color smart drug bag with QR-code in industry and university cooperation.

Participated Tainan Biotechnology Green Energy Expo and got enthusiastic response

A.D. 2013

Planned the development of single-sheet multi-color with QR-code drug bag combined with app services.

Won the second place of Tainan City′s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and received funds equaling 80% of the amount of the application limit.The case successfully concluded in 2015).

Bid on and won projects worth millions of NTD from national-level medical centers, including National Cheng Kung University Hospital and Chi Mei Medical Center.

A.D. 2014