i-MED healthcare APP Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data New Ju Feng International Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to shortly as NJF) collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. Your privacy matters to us, so we hope you will take time to read it carefully.

How we use information that we collect

This Privacy Policy explains: What personal information (including that you use i-MED healthcare APP and other service) i-MED healthcare APP collect and how we use that information. Personal information is about an identifiable individual that may include your name, address, email address, phone number. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to i-MED healthcare APP.

Collect and use

When you use i-MED healthcare APP, i-MED healthcare APP can group your information from our business partner or other company and your data in i-MED healthcare APP, and record in your physical device.

When you use i-MED healthcare APP and set your information, we can ask your name, phone number, email address, birthdate, age and gender. When you use some service of i-MED healthcare APP, such as chronic disease prescription appointment, we can ask your ID number. You can choose whether submit data or not, but some data must to submit. If you do not submit necessary data, you can not use some service of i-MED healthcare APP. When you use some service of i-MED healthcare APP, such as chronic disease prescription appointment, we can send your personal information to our business partner, such as pharmacy that sign an agreement with us. We can not send unnecessary information about you to our business partner.

We collect information to provide better services to all of our users – from figuring out basic stuff, to more complex things like which ads you'll find most useful. i-MED healthcare APP collect information which are submitted to us or our business partner by you. We can provide the information for our other department and our customers by reports which are not including personal information. We will share personal information with companies, organisations or individuals outside NJF when we have your consent to do so. We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any sensitive personal information.

We review our information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorised access to systems. We restrict access to personal information to NJF employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it for us and who are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations. They may be disciplined or their contract terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

Technique that we collect your information

◎Software and Device information
We collect device-specific information (such as your unique device identifiers).

◎Location information
When you use i-MED healthcare APP services, we may collect and process information about your actual location. We use various technologies to determine location, including IP address, GPS and other sensors that may, for example, provide Google with information on nearby devices, Wi-Fi access points and mobile towers.

◎Local storage
We may collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device using mechanisms such as database and application data caches.

◎Cookies and anonymous identifiers
We and our partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you use i-MED healthcare APP service, and this may include using cookies or anonymous identifiers to identify your device. When you use i-MED healthcare APP service about business partner, such as notification, you will be connected with business partner and use Cookies and anonymous identifiers. Bbesides, we can use Google Analytics to collect your information about APP and network traffic.

Changes and cooperation with regulatory authorities

We can cooperate with local regulatory authorities about privacy policy. We regularly review our compliance with our Privacy Policy. We also adhere to several self regulatory frameworks. When we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the person who made the complaint to follow up. Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. We will post any Privacy Policy changes on this page.

User outside Taiwan

i-MED healthcare APP has developed in Taiwan,so we manage and operate i-MED healthcare APP in accordance with Taiwan laws and regulations. If you use i-MED healthcare APP outside Taiwan (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu), you allow your information following Taiwan laws and regulations. Taiwan laws and regulations about privacy policy can not be the same as other country,so we may not be following laws and regulations of other country.

Connect to other APP

We may provide the services which connect to other APP (or website), but we are not responsible for the APP (or website) and do not interfere with the APP (or website). We call kind attention to you, you have to confirm the privacy policy of the APP (or website).

Contact us

If you have any question about the privacy policy, contact us and we'll response it soon: songwu51@gmail.com