Combine solicitude, technology, Innovation to make a new point of health.

Let people manage their own health more easier.

Drug Bag Printer

Indispensable medical treatment partner, provide more work efficiency and better work environment for medical staff.

Suitable for printer type to print drug bag. Content more clear and waterproof, fast, low noise. More endurance to bear burden of monthly quantity. Greatly promote pharmacist′s work environmental quality.

Leaflet Color Drug Bag

Most detailed, clear information of medication. You can clearly know the drug what you take even if you aren′t pharmacist.

leaflet printing don′t need tear the paper. And it have QR-code on the drug bag. You can use the App develop by New Ju Feng:i-MED personal healthy care. You can receive detailed information of the drug by scan QR-code.


Provide the complete medical care by mobile device. The good helper of care everyone′s health.

i-MED personal healthy care APP provide many kind of convenience. Medication reminders, Chronic Disease Prescription management, recognize medicine, Registration appointment, personal health, Help people manage own health.