Taiwan First - Leaflet smart full-color drug bag

Drug bag with QR-code is a concept that New Ju Feng had promoted before. Now, it has become a trend. Greatly improved recognition degree and value of drug bag.

Leaflet, not required tear the paper.

Different from traditional continuius drug bag, omitted the step of manual tearing the paper. And more easier classify, promote pharmacist′s work efficiency.

LED full-color print

More clear, more pretty, more plasticity. Improve shortages of dot matrix type printer.


It print QR-code on the drug bag. Use scanning with i-MED, then you can receive correct and detailed information of medicine.

Full-color advertisement

Patent of New Ju Feng, print full-color advertisement on back of the drug bag. It′s not just a drug bag, also a DM.

customized drug bag

We provide the service of customized drug bag. Whatever colorful picture or obvious title or out of the ordinary, even place advertisement on back of bag.
New Ju Feng will satisfy yours demand

Dislike complex?

Don′t worry, public version drug bag is our profession. Whatever your kind of system, we will do our best!